Should You Go For Tooth Extraction or Root Canal – Which is a Healthier Alternative?

root canal

Are you experiencing a painful toothache? What is the emergency solution? Many people feel a cavity-infected tooth must be extracted immediately. However, advanced techniques have made getting rid of tooth pain easier. A simple root canal can also be effective if the cavity has not damaged your gum. A root canal is a more time-consuming technique. However, Woking dentists always suggest opting for a root canal treatment rather than a tooth extraction process. Having a tooth extraction will cause you to have a missing tooth. Which is a better option for you? Read on and learn the advantages of both options.

When should a Tooth be Extracted?

Sometimes a tooth gets damaged beyond repair. If the cavity is large and has already reached beyond the gums, then a dentist cannot save your tooth. In this situation, extraction is the only option to save the adjoining teeth from getting infected. Again, if the tooth has suffered a severe fracture and is broken, an extraction is the only process left.

When can you opt for a Root Canal?

A root canal is a benefit for patients. Although time-consuming and expensive, this process is feasible for your mouth. It is an almost painless process and the root canal treatment saves the tooth.

What are the Risks of the Tooth Extraction Process?

The major risk involved in the tooth extraction process is infection. Once the tooth is extracted, a space is left in the mouth. This space will be a breeding ground for bacteria whenever you eat or drink. The infection will start spreading fast and affect the rest of the teeth. It becomes a chain process where the missing tooth raises complications for the adjoining ones. Moreover, the extraction process is painful and can lead to profuse bleeding. If you’re planning an extraction, your dentist will advise you to get medical tests done. You need to get your diabetes, blood pressure and heart rates under control to ensure that the process happens smoothly.

Why is a Root Canal a Better Option?

A root canal is a virtually pain-free process that helps save your natural tooth. After the treatment, crowns are fitted into the treated tooth, which makes it look visually appealing. You can prevent tooth loss, improve aesthetics, and prevent serious infections in the adjoining teeth. Unlike tooth extraction, tooth degeneration does not occur after a root canal. In the case of tooth extraction, with time, the condition of the tooth degenerates.

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