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Guildford Smiles is the best private dentist in the area, and we can help with all your dental needs. We offer the best services tailored to meet your individual needs, and we pride ourselves on our immaculate customer service that will go above and beyond no matter what you need help with! Our top priority is our patients; we will always put you first. We use the highest level of dentistry and have the newest technology to give you the smile of your dreams.
No matter your dental needs, whether you are after general care and advice about your teeth or are looking to transform your smile completely, we have a wide range of treatments for you. Please get in touch with us today to chat with one of our fantastic staff members.

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Guildford Smiles Is Always Excited To See New Patients And Help Them Achieve Their Perfect Smiles. To Book An Appointment Today, Please Complete Our Patient Registration Form Below!

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Preventive Care

We believe that prevention is always better than cure. Your dentist is here to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong and will provide helpful tips and tricks to help you keep your teeth in the best condition.

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Specialist Dentistry

Tooth loss is a huge problem a lot of people can suffer with. It can have a significant impact on your confidence and everyday life. Our specialist dentistry treatments can help restore what was lost with prosthetics, periodontics and dental implants!

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Children's Dentistry

In order to keep their smile bright and healthy, we offer tips on how you can start practising good oral hygiene from a young age. Our advice will help your child maintain the perfect smile throughout childhood and through to adulthood!

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Teeth Whitening

Regain your confidence with a new, bright smile! If your teeth have grown yellow over time, we can reverse that discolouration and get you feeling confident in your brand new, bright smile using our tooth whitening services!

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Here at Guildford Smiles, we offer a huge range of cosmetic treatments from teeth whitening and straightening to veneers, white fillings and dental crowns. All of these treatments are perfect for making you feel confident again. We’ve got a solution for any dental problem you might be facing!
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The team at Guildford Smiles welcomes families to our friendly practice. We have experience dealing with patients of all ages, from toddlers to elderly patients. We ensure everyone feels comfortable and will cater to everyone’s needs regardless of age.
If you are suffering from missing teeth or have lots of damaged ones, we have a range of restorative treatments. These treatments will help you to fix your smile and oral health, giving long-term results.


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Fantastic and friendly service. I felt at ease and looked after. The staff and dentist was extremely professional and also affordable. Would highly recommend.
Lily Smith