Why Do Dentists Suggest To Opt For White Filling Treatments?

white filling treatments

A dentist might suggest you opt for a white filling treatment if you’re diagnosed with cavities in your teeth. Cavities generally occur when plaque and tartar build-up with time on teeth. With the advancement of technology, white fillings have gained immense popularity among dentists in Aldershot. They are generally preferred by all over the traditional fillings as they give a subtle look to the teeth.

As the name goes, a white filling is white in colour and matches the teeth’ natural shade. Hence you can easily opt for this treatment and smile confidently without anyone knowing about your dental issues.

Are you thinking of getting white fillings? Here is a list of benefits that can help you decide if it is right for you.

What are the Benefits of Opting for White Filling Treatment?

It helps to Maintain the Aesthetics

This is the most obvious reason why everyone loves a white filling. They resemble the enamel of the teeth, and hence once the filling is done, they generally blend with the natural colours of teeth. No one will notice the change in your teeth unless you inform them. You can smile confidently and also look beautiful.

Helps to Camouflage Dental Issues

With the help of white fillings, you can easily hide the spots and the decayed part of your teeth. For instance, if you have a minor decay, the dentist will suggest a white filling instead of any other treatment. Again, if there’s a minor flaw in any dental treatment you’ve undergone, opting for a dental white filling can help you easily hide the damage.

No Dietary Restrictions

Dentists generally advise avoiding sugary, sticky and hard foods after undergoing amalgam fillings for more than 24 hours. However, with a white filling, this is not the case. You can eat everything as soon as the treatment is completed. Dentists generally use UV rays to fix the resin on the affected teeth area, so the chance of getting damaged due to food is minimised.

No Tooth Structure Removal Required

White fillings are a non-invasive process. They bond excellently with the existing structure of the tooth. On the contrary, a dentist must cut down the tooth structures and remove one or more teeth for large amalgam fillings. However, this is not the case with white fillings. They are easily adjustable and don’t require any tooth or structure removal.

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